Hi! I’m AnChi Laster, fogo’s Senior Project Director. My boss asked me to write an article on anything. Hahah, joke’s on him! Here it is…Do you want things? I sure do. But you know who REALLY wants things and actually gets them? My three-year-old son, Everett. Here are some tricks I’ve learned from him that we can all apply at work (and at home too).

I’ve been told – many times by someone I love and am married to – that no one can read my mind. I always think that people will notice that I’m doing a great job and that I’ll get rewarded for it. But that’s just not the case. People are busy! They are focused on putting out fires and sometimes can’t see how great things are going. So don’t be shy about praising yourself and asking for what you want! They’re not going to know unless you say it out loud.

Don’t be shy!

PUT SOME SUGAR ON IT. It’s rarely about what you ask for but how you ask it. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you rather do something for someone who asked nicely or someone who demanded something? So don’t forget your good attitude and ‘please’ at the door!

TIMING IS EVERYTHING. We’re in traffic, everyone is hungry, and work is blowing up. This is when my son decides it would be a good time to ask for that new Paw Patroller.

Bad timing young man!

When asking for what you want, take into account how business is going, how your boss is feeling, and if he/she has eaten. No one will say yes when they’re #hangry.

GET READY FOR A ‘NO’. I say no a lot because it’s so much harder to say yes. A ‘no’ keeps the status quo whereas ‘yes’ means that person has to do something new. If you do get a ‘no’, be ready to spew some awesome facts about why you need and deserve what you want.

ASK AGAIN. Of all these tips, my son is the best at this one! People seem to have something more important to deal with than what you want – wah wah. In your initial ask, end the convo with: “When can I follow up with you about this?” It gives you permission to ask again. It’ll be a great way to keep them account- able and an easy way to bring it back up when the time is right.

When can I follow up with you about this?

SCREAM AND HOLLA. Just kidding! Do NOT do this. And actually, this is the one that my son is really, really good at. However, if this has worked for you, please DM me and let me know how!

SHOW MASSIVE APPRECIATION. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing the pure joy on my son’s face when he gets what he wants. And, I actually remember that reaction when he inevitably asks for the next, hottest, new toy. Thus, when you get what you want, show some extra gratitude. It’ll only help pave the way for your next ask!

Please let me know what other tips you’ve got cause this girl’s got a lot of things she wants (and can use all the help she can get)! If any of this worked for you, let me know. That way, when I go in for what I want, I can be armed with some awesome feedback and can turn that ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’!

AnChi Laster was raised a Texan. She studied TV and Film production because she wanted to meet celebrities. Connect with AnChi if you’re looking for more creative strategies.