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Jailbreak VR360 Experience

We’re often tasked with 360 campaigns, but when Investigation Discovery contacted us for a 360 project, they actually meant 360-degree videos – as in Virtual Reality! ID wanted to kick of the 8th season of “I Almost Got Away With It” (IAGAWI) with an immersive experience for the viewer – a VR360 encounter that follows the criminal through his heart-pounding escape from the Nashua County Court House in 2007.

The original idea was to create a 4-6 minute video that showed the escape from the prisoner’s point of view.  Investigation Discovery had assembled a cast and crew for the shoot. The network asked fogomotion to focus on post-production. We would work with the show’s executive producer, marketing team, and the VR group, to make sure the experience met everyone’s needs.

While VR technology has been lingering in the video-periphery for some time, the technology and tools have been evolving at a blistering pace within the last year.  The software and plugins we used throughout the 3-month post-production process were frequently evolving. Production was rife with trial and error to get the mission accomplished, including pre-release camera rigs and untested 360-degree shooting angles. Several scenes were deemed completely unworkable due to camera issues and lens mathematics. But through massive software updates by the folks at Kolor (makers of AutoPano Video) and Mettle, those scenes became not just usable, but completely transformative in the overall storyline.

Despite the challenges and learning curve, the vignette was a huge success for the network – causing so much traffic to the DiscoveryVR App it was temporarily shut down!  The 360 Experience was the #1 newly-uploaded YouTube video across all of Discovery networks and received over 100k views in the first week alone, outperforming any previous experience uploaded that year,and it was featured on the ProMax Daily Brief. Fogomotion also worked additional footage into a bonus deliverable, with a behind the scenes promo and a snippet for IDCon.

You can see Investigation Discovery’s IAGAWI Jailbreak on DiscoveryVR’s site or download their app. But for the full experience, stop by the studio to watch it with our Oculus Rift!


Take a look at the BTS Spot we created:


YouTube 360 Experience: