Fogo Does Movies

Branded Ent / Reel

We love movie trailers. We love network content. So it’s really fun to merge the two together and make movie tie-ins. In a project we’ll use a trailer as the foundation for the storytelling and then weave the show footage throughout. We find complementary moments that match action with action, an explosion with a reaction, or a soundbite that feeds a montage, with just the right amount of sounds dips and peaks to keep a driving pace. The challenge is to blend two brand together while still keeping the their individual creative integrity. The process is so much fun and the feeling you get watching this spot is the result.

Recent Examples:

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes



Gangster Squad

Killing Kennedy

Runner Runner

* * *
Producer: Footy & Dave
Edit: Ryan Baker
Art Director: Garth Superville
Graphics: Fogomotion
Audio Post: Nick Karlin/Takoma Media