Go Anywhere Campaign

Branded Entertainment / Graphics / Shoot

Cable network ID came to use with a desire to cut through the clutter and push their audience to download their existing IDGO app. Straight forward messaging used in the past was not moving the meter, they wanted something different. Utilizing our Fogonotion team of creative wunderkinds we delivered to them a deck of 11 concepts to choose from, each unique and on message (see original concepts attached). In the end they loved two concepts so much they asked us to produce both, one an on-air anthology, and the second a sneakily silly online component.

The on-air anthology pieces were tricky visual rug-pulls as establishing “crime” scenes were made to look very much like ID Network programming complete with stylized lighting, enhanced color-correction, and dramatic dialogue. In scene, and in-camera, the moment then quick-changed into an everyday setting (soccer field and coffee shop) where an IDGO viewer was obviously having their two worlds collide. Fogo cast talent, scouted locations, and field produced both in 2 days. Sound design and final color correction added the last touches to these pieces.

For the online component, our new pal “Swipey” made his screen debut. Working with LA based cartoon voice actors we were able to establish dynamic characters for our “digit”-al friends. Using an After Effects face-tracking feature we were then able to bring realistic expressions and nuances to our baddies. Onscreen text call-outs in a fingerprint font help to punctuate the overall message and style.

Client: IDGO

Creative Director: Jeff Strong

Director: Dave Altrogge

DP: Michael Hartnett

Edit: Daniel McNeil, Dave Gorrie

Art Direction: Garth Superville

Audio: Richard Humphries