HLN: MichaeLA


Michaela Pereira co-hosted CNN’s weekday morning show “New Day,” but is now back in Los Angeles as she begins a new journey. “People are going to be the focal point of this show,” said Pereira who began hosting her very own morning show “MichaeLA” on HLN.

When piecing this promo together, we noticed that “MichaeLA” aims to highlight people’s stories; so, it was a no-brainer to include people waving, smiling and nodding at her creating that community vibe.

When this project jumped in our lap, we couldn’t have been more excited. Instantly, we could relate with “MichaeLA” as this new morning show intends to bring a relaxed atmosphere while continuing to produce high-quality news coverage. This is fogomotion in a nutshell. Calm, cool, collected and yet, always creating high-quality content.

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Client: HLN
Edit: Ryan Baker & Dave Gorrie
Art Director: Garth Superville
Graphic Design: Jenny Specker
Audio: Nick Karlin | Takoma Media