LIDL Launch

Digital / Graphics / Shoot

Lee-dul. Liddle. Ly-dull. Now matter how you say it, what a treat it was when Lidl came to us prior to their US Launch. Lidl is not your cookie-cutter grocery store. Like us, customer satisfaction is at the top. And we’ve come to be close compatriots when it comes to creative. From marketing to social and digital, there’s a whole swath of savy going into each campaign. Fogomotion’s team oriented approach is in full gear, prepping food & product shoots, balancing store opens and animation announcements. And it doesn’t hurt when you get samples from the bakery! Here’s a taste from our collection of digital posts across Instagram and Facebook.


Engaged new audience (US) to the LIDL global brand through social media targeting Instagram & Facebook

Still images, GIFs, and animations resulted in almost 3,000 Instagram followers in the first month, an average of 185 follower gain per post

Facebook content included video posts and animations, gaining over 30,000 likes and 500,000 views since announcing their opening

Client: LIDL
Executive Producer: Footy
Creative Director: Jeff Strong
Production Manager: AnChi Laster
DOP: Dave Gorrie
Photography: Nick Karlin
Photography: John Rolewicz
Art Director: Garth Superville
Edit/Design: John Rolewicz
Edit: Daniel McNeill
Edit: Drew Brody
Edit: Rich Winkler
Producer: James Introcaso
Producer: Carolyn Baughman
Audio: Richard Humphries