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Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to cut a trailer with Justin Timberlake AND Ben Affleck? This was part of a tie in for ID’s show Forbidden…which appropriately deals with lavish lifestyles leading to crime. How appropriate.

Investigation Discovery needed to bring their series Forbidden together with the trailer from Forbidden in a way that blended style seamlessly. We loved the theatrical trailer aspect of this project. It’s always fun to use epic music and quick stabs and jabs in the audio track. The art department took a swing at folding in the existing Forbidden graphics look with the title cards needed to drive the script. The intensity of the two shows intermingling keeps the pace up and you don’t realize it’s a :60 second spot.

Producer: Melissa Quinn

Edit: Ryan Baker, Dave Gorrie

Color Correct: Dave Gorrie

Design/Graphics: Garth Superville

Audio Post: Richard Humphries