VEL: Junkyard Empire - Season 2 Launch


The juxtaposition of Bobby and Andy made for a perfect Hero shoot. And to really showcase their personalities, we shot in their junkyard but brought in some really flashy cars from season 2.

Teaming up with Vinegar Hill, we shot on the RED Weapon Dragon. Best part of the day was lifting a car 50 feet into the air and then dropping it over and over again. Also, shooting the cars in the garage with the smoke machine made us feel like we were on the set of Drive…only thing missing was Ryan Gosling. 🙂

* * *
Client: Velocity
Producer: Footy
Writer: James Introcaso
Project Manager: AnChi Laster
Director: Matt Fridg | Vinegar Hill
DP: Michael Harnett | Vinegar Hill
Production Manager: Jen Brown | Vinegar Hill
Preditor: Dave Gorrie
Art Director: Garth Superville
Audio: Nick Karlin | Takoma Media

Editor’s Cut: