Velocity : Brand Spot

Graphics / Promo / Shoot

Hello Cars! We got the big opportunity to design a shoot for Velocity’s branding look around Bruce Canepa’s Car Museum. With celebrities like Chip Foose, Dana Mecum, and Wayne Carini, we stacked the deck…or stage…with cars from the Canepa Museum. After some unique lighting and lots of motion tracking we sent the shots off to our designers to give the text some realistic 3D reflective flair.

A track by Switchfoot, “Where I Belong” accompanied the Brand Spot and by the end we had an entire package delivered to Velocity complete with Talent spots, brand spots, ids, transitions, and gfx elements that match Velocity’s on-air look and feel.

* * *
Producer: Alberto Enriquez, Matthew Schoepfer, Dave Gorrie
Writer: Matt Hardwick
Director: Aion Velie
Dir. Photography: Andres Sanchez
Edit: Dave Gorrie
Design/Graphics: Garth Superville, Carlos Foxworthy
Audio Post: Richard Humphries