When it comes to narrative filmmaking, there are nearly limitless ways a piece’s impact can be measured. When it came time for John Rolewicz to step into the writer/director seat for the first time, he approached every idea with only one question…

Is this a story worth telling?

The first time he heard the story that inspired him to write Equalizer, that question was easily answered. Nearly 12 years later, John was a senior in the Zaki Gordon Center for Cinematic Arts tasked with writing, directing, and producing a short film. Not only was this an opportunity for artistic storytelling, this presented a chance to culminate 4 years of technical training and on-set production experience into a single Thesis piece that would determine his graduation.

Though the shoot was only 4 days with a 15 member crew, Equalizer was the end product of nearly a year of writing, per-production, filming and editing, and a collaboration of dozens friends and classmates that had spend nearly 4 years learning and growing together.